Request for research in state schools

Terms of Reference


Authorisation to carry out research work within Schools, Institutes, or Organisations that fall within the remit of the Ministry for Education (MEYR), must be obtained from the MEYR Research Ethics Committee (MREC), within the office of the Director General, Education Strategy and Quality Assurance Department, and presented to the Head of School/Institute/Organisation where the researcher intends to carry out the research.​

  1. Researchers are to conform to the principles of ethical research conduct as specified in the MEYR Research Ethics Policy and Procedures, found here.

  2. Research work is carried out at the discretion of the Head of School, Institution, or Organisation, and is subject to their conditions.

  3. The MEYR Research Ethics Committee (MREC) reserves the right to withdraw the permission to carry out the research at any time and without prior notice.

  4. On completion of the research work, the researcher must provide the Research Unit within the office of the Director General, Education Strategy and Quality Assurance Department, as well as the Head of School / Institution, with a soft copy of the research work carried out in schools.

  5. Questions of offensive, prejudiced, or of other unethical nature are not permissive. The researcher must obtain approval to conduct the research from the respective Higher Educational Institution Ethics Committee. These procedures are in line with the Data Protection Act in order to safeguard the rights of the research subjects.


How to Apply


1. Please fill in and submit the Request for Research online form found here. (Kindly do not submit trial or duplicate applications).  

2. After submitting the application, send an email to attaching ALL the required documents listed below (see Attachments). 

3. In the email, clearly state your name and surname, and the date of application. 

4. If you are also requesting data, kindly state this in your email.

The MEYR Research Ethics Committee will acknowledge your email and application within five (5) working days, and provide you with an application reference number that you will need to quote in any communication with the MREC.

Request for Data


When the researcher requires data, such as information on the number of teachers teaching a particular subject, or the number of students with SEN, for the research they intend to carry out, the researcher is required to complete the section titled Request for Data.  The researcher is requested to provide the precise details of the data required and to state how the data will contribute to the research.

The data will be provided by the Research Unit within the office of the Director General, Education Strategy and Quality Assurance Department. Please note that the researcher is authorised to use the data provided only for the research for which authorisation had been granted. When the research is finalised, the data must be deleted. 




Please ensure that the following documents, using the templates found below, are attached to the email you are requested to send to MREC after submitting your application. A detailed description of what should be included in the documents can also be found in the MEYR Research Ethics Policy and Procedures. 


The process for the approval of the research may take up to four (4) weeks, depending on the time of the year at which the application is submitted.​ You will be contacted if any information is missing or incorrect.  Failure to provide these documents and the necessary information risks delaying approval to proceed with the research, and the 4-week period can no longer be guaranteed.

Upon approval of the research study, you will receive an email with the official authorisation. The same email will be forwarded to the schools, institutions, or organisations where the research will take place. Any changes in the sample or content of the study must be communicated to the MEYR Research Ethics Committee (MREC) for further review.


For further clarification, you are kindly requested to contact​.