Data Request


The Research Unit, within the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability receives and processes requests for data and information for matters falling within the remit of the Ministry for Education.




Researchers may use any data and information which is publicly available without seeking MFED permission.


Researchers requiring data and information, which is not publicly available, are to seek access to and permission to use such data and information through the MFED Research Unit. This includes researchers who have access to data and information by virtue of their employment, as these are only authorised to use that data for the purpose of their employment, and not for academic work.


The researcher is authorised to use the data provided only for the research for which authorisation had been granted. When the research is finalised, the data must be deleted.


Researchers who wish to extend the scope of utility of their data are required to request such extension by sending an email to


How to Apply


Please fill in the online form Request for Data found here(Kindly do not submit trial applications). 


Kindly submit the request for research as early as possible in the research process. While we aim to reply to research requests within two weeks of receipt of the request, some requests require more time to process. Kindly limit reminders within the two-week period, after which you are welcome to submit reminders to