Completed Projects

Overview of the projects completed by the Research Unit at the DRLLE

Lifelong Learning: Research on learners’ opinions of the quality of Lifelong Learning Courses

This research aim is:

  1. To explore learners’ views and opinions of the quality of Lifelong Learning courses with a view to improve on the quality and provision of the said courses in order to attract more peo​ple to enroll in these courses.

This is a periodic survey, which was carried out at the end of academic years 2019/2020, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.

Publications from th
e research on academic year 2019/2020:

Vassallo, J., Zammit, N., et al. (2021) ‘Digital adult education: The impact of transitioning from in-class to emergency remote learning’, Malta Journal of Education, 2(1), pp. 274–294.

Available here.

Publications from th
e research on academic year 2021/2022:

Internal document

Publications from th
e research on academic year 2022/2023:

Internal document (pending)

Engagement with Online Learning

This study aims are:

  1. To understand how students and the adults who care for them adapted to Online Learning while schools were closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (i.e. from March 13 2020 to end June 2020).​

The study is based on a 15-minute anonymous questionnaire in both English and Maltese distributed to students and their parents. 

Project ended: June 2021

Publications from this research project:

Vassallo, J., Doublet Meagher, G. L., et al. (2021) ‘Students’ and parents’ perspectives on emergency e-learning in kindergarten and compulsory education’, Malta Journal of Education, 2(1), pp. 167–196.

Available here.

The Impact of  Directive 13 on Workers and Work Standards within the Ministry for Education and Employment

This study aims are:

  1. To evaluate the effects of the sharp rise in telework among MEDE employees during the COVID-19 pandemic brought about by Directive 13 on their working conditions and the operation of MEDE.
  2. To analyze the advantages and challenges that telework brings about in view of the Public Service’s commitment to move towards remote working.
  3. To provide recommendations for the improvement of the utilization of telework. 

The study is based on a survey carried out with a sample of workers at Malta’s Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE), namely those who work in offices located in Floriana and Ħamrun


Project ended: June 2020

CITO: CheckIn TakeOff

CITO is one of the projects under the ERASMUS+ EU Policy experimentation in the fields of Education and Training led by high-level public authorities in Malta, Ireland and Norway.​

This project aim is:

To develop a SkillsChecker tool that enables a person to independently carry out an initial assessment of their literacy, numeracy and digital skills. This will orientate them to their options regarding a flexible learning opportunity as well as recognising their prior skills while providing further pathways. More specifically, the SkillsChecker is aimed at empowering the learner to explore a learner centred approach to lifelong learning. CITO’s solution is to have an effective and independent assessment of one’s own skills.

Project ended: February 2022

Link to the CITO Project Website:​

BMI Study: Prevalence of overweight and obese children attending kindergarten year K2 to year 11, in Malta
The Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability and the Superintendence of Public Health worked together to implement two Budget Measures:

BM 191/2020: “Jerġa jitfassal studju nazzjonali fost l-istudenti biex jitkejjel il-piż ta' kull student ...”

BM 370/2020: “Isir studju li jeżamina b'mod partikolari r-rata ta' obesità f'Malta fejn jidħlu tfal ta' 4-5 snin.  Ir-riżultati ta' dan l-istudju għandhom jelenkaw ix-xejriet u b'hekk jinħarġu rakkomandazzjonijet dwar kif nistgħu nsostnu s-saħħa aktar sana għat-tfal”.

The aim of these two budget initiatives are:​
  1. To measure the prevalence of overweight and obesity among students attending Kindergarten 2 to Year 11.
  2. To identify the rate of overweight and obesity in children residing in the Maltese Islands.
  3. ​To identify any associations with lifestyle patterns.

The report from this study is one of the outputs linked to Recovery and Resilience Plan for Malta, specifically Reform C4-R1: Develop and implement a health policy framework aimed at making the health system more sustainable and resilient, with a particular focus on health prevention and a strong workforce.

Project ended: December 2022

Publications from this research project:

Attard, J., & Vassallo, J., (2022) ‘A Study on Childhood Obesity in Malta, with a special focus on 4-5-year-old children’.

Available here​.​