Research and Development Department

The Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability (DRLLE) within the Ministry for Education (MFED) comprises three Units: the Research Unit, the Unit for the Prevention of Early Leaving from Education and Training and the Lifelong Learning Unit.

The Lifelong Learning Unit is responsible for policy and provision initiatives in the field of adult education, including the implementation of the Recommendation of Upskilling Pathways New Opportunities for Adults in Malta and the National Lifelong Learning Strategy.

The Unit for the Prevention of Early Leaving from Education and Training is responsible the development, implementation and the monitoring of the ELET national strategy by liaising with national and international stakeholders and by developing projects that target students at risk of ELET within early childhood education, compulsory education, post-compulsory education and lifelong learning provision.

The Research Unit is responsible for research and information activities that are an essential pre-requisite to formulate coherent policies and improve provision in Education and Employability. The functions of the Research Unit are to initiate research proposals, on its own or in collaboration with other Departments or entities, with a view to inform MFED policy-making or provision; manage MFED’s Research and Policy Documentation Centre; guide researchers wishing to collect data from State Schools, entities or employees working within MFED; and process requests for data or information on matters relating to MFED for the scope of research.​​​​​